XiO Photonics designs and manufactures customized modules for photonic OEMs and System integrators.

XiO Photonics products are based on a Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) technology which can be used in the visible wavelength range (400-700nm). With this technology laser light can be manipulated on chip by splitting beams, combining beams, controlling intensity, phase, mode size and input- output configurations. We have developed a library of optical building blocks such as wavelength combiners, power splitters, switches, filters, attenuators and modulators. Each PIC design contains a customized combination of these building blocks, depending on customer specification. Since all building blocks have been validated, customized combinations of existing building blocks can be made in a first-time-right approach. The optical functions on chip are stable over a wide temperature range which enable the realization of robust, compact modules.

Vertically integrated for OEM Customers

Our customers are OEMs and System Integrators using photonics in application fields like Life Science, Bio-sensors, Metrology and Food. As XiO Photonics is vertically integrated we can supply our customers with a range of modules in different integration levels:

  • Bare and polished Photonic ICs
  • Assembled PICs with a fiber or Fiber array attached
  • Assembled PICs mounted on an electric carrier interface
  • Fully packaged module including driving electronics

OEM Products

Product examples

Most of XiO Photonics' modules are designed to (OEM) customer specific specification. The following list of example products demonstrates the range of applications that XiO photonics' modules can address. Furthermore it shows the integration levels that we can supply: ranging from bare Photonic ICs, to fully assembled, pigtailed and packaged modules.

Passive Laser Beam Combiner

Passive beam combiner.png

The Laser-Beam Combiner combines up to eight visible wavelengths between 405 and 680 nm. The combining is polarization maintaining and the combiner can be assembled with polarization maintaining fibers. It has no moving parts and is therefore stable, robust. It is a compact solution for combining different visible wavelength. The ILBC is an example of a passive PIC assembled with fiber on the input and output of the PIC.

Integrated laser stabilization

XiO Photonics PICs can control intensity, phase, polarization and mode size of the light signals on the chip. Basic lasers can be stabilized and modulated by using our PIC modules. This facilitates high end output specifications without the need to use expensive individually stabilized lasers. It is unique in its laser stabilization approach resulting in small form factor, cost effective systems with competing specifications. It is the best choice for integration in point-of-care devices but also a competitive offer for stand alone multi color laser sources

Broadband Splitter and Fringe Pattern Generator

Broadband splitter.png

Besides assembling a PIC with in and output fibers, it can be beneficial to use the waveguides as input or output directly. An example for this is the broadband splitter that can split incoming light to multiple outputs with high uniformity and over a broad wavelength range. The distance between the output waveguides of the splitter can be controlled very accurately. When the output of the broadband splitter is projected on a screen at a certain distance, clear fringe patterns can be created.

Multicolor Laser systems via active optical control

An example of XiO Photonics vertical integration capability is the ARA Multi-color laser source. This desktop compact system integrates 4 lasers, a PIC combiner and stabilizer, all the driving electronics, including the power supply. The result is a compact turnkey solution for use in e.g. confocal microscopy.

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