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The team of XiO Photonics consists of individuals who together have the required background to bring the technology successfully to the market. The team has an extensive technical expertise in integrated optics design, in manufacturing and in business development in the OEM market. XiO benefits from the Panthera Group as main shareholder by leveraging the infrastructure of the group.

Joost van Kerkhof

Joost van Kerkhof is the CEO of XiO Photonics since August 2013. He has 20 years experience in the micro-nano technology industry. Before joining XiO, Joost worked with Sensata Technologies as Director Business Integration where he was responsible for business due dilligence of acquisition candidates followed by integration of the business in the Sensata organization. In this role he built a significant experience in business case analysis and development. Before his role in business management, Joost has had positions within Texas Instruments (which became Sensata Technologies in 2006) as Director R&D and Director Operations. In these positions he has brought several products to the market. Joost also worked for 6 years as R&D manager at HortiMax. Joost holds a masters and PhD degree in electrical engineering specialized in micro-nano technology and (bio)sensors.

Ronald Dekker

Ronald Dekker is CTO at XiO Photonics since the start in 2008. He is more than 15 years active in the field of micro fabrication, integrated optics and thin film technology. He holds a B.Sc degree from the Technische Hogeschool Rijswijk in the field of applied physics with a specialization in photonics and a PhD in integrated optics from the University of Twente. He worked for several years at the University of Twente as a process engineer developing new clean room processes for the IC industry to improve the quality of flat panel displays. He also worked at JDS Uniphase for 3 years, in Netherlands and Canada where he developed a new fabrication platform for low cost Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexers (DWDM) systems. Before starting XiO Photonics, he worked with LioniX bv as a project leader where he led several successful commercial and subsidy projects in the field of integrated optics and microfluidics.

Edwin Klein

Edwin Klein obtained his MSc. Degree from the Electrical Engineering department of the University of Twente in 2002. He received his PhD at the Integrated Optical MicroSystems Group of the University of Twente in 2008. He was closely involved in the founding of XiO Photonics B.V. where he is currently working as VP Research & Development. Edwin Klein has (co)authored more than 45 publications in journals and conferences and (co)holds 5 patents. His primary interest is the development and practical application of complex photonic devices at visible and near-infrared wavelengths.

Douwe Geuzebroek

Douwe Geuzebroek is the VP of sales and marketing at XiO Photonics and was actively involved in the start-up of XiO Photonics in 2009. He holds a masters degree in electrical engineering of the University of Twente and did a PhD research at the Integrated Optical MicroSystems group on the topic of 'Flexible Optical Network Components based on Densely Integrated Micro-ring Resonators'. Besides this he finished an introduction program at the TSM Business School. In 2005 he joined LioniX b.v. as a design engineer and project leader focusing on micro-ring resonators and other integrated optical telecommunication devices and was involved in the start-up of XiO Photonics.

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