XiO Photonics merges with LioniX and others into LioniX International

April 26, 2016

Today XiO Photonics has released a press release about changes that are going to happen with the company.
The basic message contained in the press release is that we are combining the core competencies of XiO Photonics and her sister companies LioniX, Satrax and Octrolix (the legal entity in which contains all IP on the technology and applications) into a fully vertically integrated company, “LioniX International”. With this merge we include the Photonic IC manufacturing in the company operations and all IP is directly owned by the new company.
We are also involved in a strategic collaboration with a Korean company, which opens even more possibilities for volume production and volume assembly for our customers, if required.
All in all, we consider this a very positive development through which we will be even better able to address the needs of our customers.
More information and the press release can be found on
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