XiO Photonics has strong capabilities in the total PIC module design and manufacturing cycle. The capabilities include optical chip design, fiber-chip coupling (VIS-NIR), chip-chip coupling, electronics design and module packaging design and manufacturing. Our capabilities are offered as assembly service for third party photonic components for prototype or small series production.

Optical Chip Design

  • Experienced team of optical design engineers
  • Library of validated building blocks
  • Simulation tool correlating with foundry wafer process (first time right design process)
  • Dedicated XiO process at wafer foundry
  • Fully equipped characterization lab

Fiber-chip coupling (VIS-NIR)

  • Fiber-array technology for visible wavelength range. No adhesives in optical path.
  • Polishing capability for fiber-array and chip facets.
  • Specialty fiber arrays with different types of fiber.
  • Specialty fiber arrays with angled connection interfaces
  • Fiber tapering and splicing

XiO Photonics has extensive expertise on various kinds of integrated optical technologies like, InP, SOI, glass or TriPleXTM. XiO Photonics’ team of optical engineers has over 30 man-year of experience with attaching fibers and fiber arrays to different kind of optical chips fabricated using the above mentioned technologies. Standard single mode fibers or specialty fibers can be attached at one or multiple sides of the PIC.

Chip-chip coupling

For applications that require the hybrid integration of multiple PIC technologies, like spotsize or mode conversion between SMF and high contrast PIC technology, we offer services to assemble multiple PICs. For example a spotsize and mode converter in TriPleXTM can be attached to an InP high contrast PIC.

  • Butt coupling of optical chips made in different technologies. Typically InP chips (active lasers or modulators) with TriPleX chip (pitch converter to fiber array)
  • Hybrid solutions with chip-chip interfaces and chip-fiber interfaces

PCB design and manufacturing

Many applications require the PIC to be driven through an electronic interface. XiO Photonics integrated different types of electrical interfaces by wirebonding and flip-chipping to PCB or ceramics. Also electronics design is possible.

  • In-house PCB design
  • Fast prototyping supply chain
  • Customized heat sink design
  • In-house wire-bonding capability
  • In-house PCB population capability

Electronics design and manufacturing

  • In house electronics design
  • Extensive experience with actuator drivers and laser diode drivers
  • Fast prototype supply chain
  • Equipped characterization lab

Photonic component package design and manufacturing

XiO Photonics offers several standard packages for prototype assembly. Also customized packages are possible and if possible the packaging compatibility can be accounted for in the design phase. Design rules for the standardized packages are available within the design kit of our partner PhoeniX Software. Mounting the assembly in a standard package or in a customer specific package is possible. We can do wirebonding and strain-relief to fabricate a robust assembly. Combined with peltier elements, also customized heatsinks can be designed and machined to suit your application best.

  • In-house mechanical design
  • Prototype tool shop
  • Fast prototyping supply chain
  • Standard Photonic IC packages available; compatible with Phoenix Software design kit.
  • Flexible manufacturing possibilities

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