Our Passion

At XiO Photonics we believe in the marvelous potential of laser light for Life Sciences applications. Over the last years, an increasing number of applications has been defined, varying from new microscopy applications, medical imaging applications to specific biosensor applications. The current trend is to transition from bulky laboratory equipment for specialized users to so-called point-of-care applications which are simple to operate. This trend could accelerate the implementation of laser light applications but this requires laser photonics to become much more robust, simple to use, compact and cost effective. The XiO Photonics value proposition is exactly this: more robust, simple, compact and cost effective laser photonics.


Photonic IC based laser light manipulation for visible and near infrared applications

  • Enabling new applications by integration of multiple optical functions on one chip
  • Making laser photonics simple and robust; no moving parts, no adjustments
  • Enabling compact systems
  • Enabling more cost effective systems

We design and manufacture customized modules for photonic OEMs and System integrators


XiO Photonics B.V. started in 2009 with the development of Photonic integrated circuits for telecommunication applications. In 2011 XiO Photonics introduced the Photonic IC technology for visible light, with the Integrated Laser Beam Combiner as a first product example. Our first-time-right design approach was developed together with a set of standard building blocks to shorten the design cycle for new customers and applications. Besides the Photonic IC technology itself, novel approaches for assembling and packaging of the PIC for visible light were developed, resulting in a broad capability set allowing full vertical integration for the (OEM) customer that desires it. As XiO Photonics grew, also the market of its customers did, so XiO Photonics is extending its production capabilities and capacities to match the OEM customers demand. Besides the production of PIC modules, XiO Photonics is continuously improving and extending its PIC technology, the basic building blocks and the assembling and packaging methods.

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